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Work vehicles & what are they good for?

When you are in traffic what do you think about?

I’m not talking about road rage or how many bad drivers there are out there – even though I have many opinions about it all!

I love driving… road trips long or short, weekends away or driving around the city – there is always something to see and look at. I hate monotony, driving the same road over and over, but I am an observant person. I am notorious for looking at number plates – I love seeing where people are from and wonder what fantastic journeys they have taken to get to where they are now in that car that they call Yota the Toyota or the Hyundai Sexcel.

One thing I have always looked at is vehicle signage – what their business name is, what they do, the colours and how much it stands out. When Antz was a thought in my head, I imagined early days of a white Prado with Antz Labour Hire on the door and ants running all over it. This I was so adamant over as it would gain the attention of drivers like myself.

One thing I have noticed in Perth is that there is not a lot of eye candy on the roads. I love a good vehicle signage (and maybe a good looking driver 😉 but don’t we all!) and Perth have a lot of “inventive” personalised number plates in which I have a giggle over some and ask why to others.

So when I hired Wayne Curtis founder of Notions Design to create my brand, he was my first go to person to design my sign writing as he is a marketing genius! We too’ed and fro’ed ideas till we got to a design that I approved… and I was told – Bec, this will really stand out! I don’t know what they were getting at, as I was paying for marketing for it to stand out – but I got the feeling that they were like, it’s too much!

I approved the proof and Wayne sent it to SignBiz WA to get a quote. They rang me to tell me we can do it 2 ways… (what I heard was the easy (cheapest way) or the hard (more expensive) way – in all seriousness, I am pedantic and have a slight OCD so I went for the hard and more expensive way to get the best result. I was leaving to go to QLD for 10 days and l dropped off the ute to come back to the final product – and OMG – what a conversation starter it is…

A month later I would love $1 for everyone that said that my ute sticks out like dog’s balls! And that is what I paid for (well I call it an investment) – I love my Hilux – I love love love driving it, and to me it is a mobile billboard as I don’t see many other vehicles on the road that have the same bang.

Today The West Australian newspaper rang me asking if I would like to take out an ad in their paper – a full page ad in Friday’s paper $6k and Saturday’s paper $10k – and this was marginally reduced! My signwriting was not in the capacity of this expense and at the end of the day the Hilux is not going to be screwed up to be used to get your fire started or in the bottom of a recycle bin to be reincarnated into another advertising space, it will continue to be driving around Perth advertising my business and (hopefully!) making me money – if I don’t get caught up in road rage by pointing out to the lovely driver around me how good of a motorist they are not (in “Australian English”) and then they leave a bad review on my socials for political incorrectness of some sort!

Anyway my point is – here is another  photo of my ute! Cheers



Have you got a great looking business vehicle?  I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to Rebecca Winterfield at Antz Labour Hire on 0417 679 650.

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