HR Development & Admin

Outsource your HR and Admin, and spend your time doing what you do best.

HR Development and Administration Services 

Administration Hire – Short/Long Term Assignments, Hourly Rates, Day Rates PT/FT availability

1 x 4 hour day to 38 hour week

Administration duties, Diary Management, Payroll, Bookkeeping,

How many hats do you wear?

Do you get time poor for spending too much time answering phone calls, assisting in customer enquiries? What consumes most of your time? What is easiest to outsource?

Do you neglect the repetitive administration tasks as you are too busy or are up late at night sorting the paperwork instead of spending it with your family? How is your work/life balance?

Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Portfolios – Are you audit ready?

Collation of accreditation paperwork requirements to keep your organisation in transport compliance. Manifests, Mass Management, Basic Fatigue Management, Non-Conformance Reports, Load Restrictions, Calibration of onboard Scales, Service and Maintenance History

Can your business be run out of a procedure manual?

Are your procedure manuals current and up to date?

Are your staff ready for business growth?

Are your employees sharing your dream or are they disconnected?

HR Development – Written Policies and Procedures

Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews, Organisational Charts

Is your business a Fairwork or Workcover liability?

Project Management

Overseeing small/medium projects to ensure that budgets and timelines are being met.

Managing the scope of projects while your staff are concentrating on the elements to deliver a successful project.


An internal audit conducted to check all of your current business policies and procedures to ensure a compliant business structure that protects and serves your organisation.
$ From $499 + gst* * Price is subject to Ts & Cs


A complete policy & procedure manual for all employees outlining all your business guidelines & level of standards you would like to be adhered to within your organisation.
$ From $1199 + gst* * Price is subject to Ts & Cs


A complete policy and procedure manual for all your workplace safety requirements that communicate the strict level of standards you would like to abide by within your organisation.
$ From $2199 + gst* * Price is subject to Ts & Cs

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