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Part 3 -If you look for the answers in the bottom of a wine bottle, all you will find is that you get drunk!

How easy is it to be a wage earner? You rock up to work, do your job, go home again and you don’t worry about anything until you are next rostered to work. If you are sick, you get paid to stay at home, you want to go on a holiday, you get paid for the time off – why would you want to start a business and forfeit guaranteed income to suit a comfortable lifestyle with minimal worry?  People with a dream that they want to share with the world (or their community depending on how big the dream).

The things we sacrifice to attempt to share the journey with our customers and hope to give them a pleasant and exciting experience with our business dreams. Only if we are successful in the deliverance of our product do we get a monetary reward which in return needs to be more than what we spent to get our product out into the big world. Hmmm…. Are we depressed yet? Shall I pass you the wine bottle?

The networking events with District32 were very helpful in the fact that everyone offered a hug and empathised in my situation as they had all been there before and it was a very restless and unsettling time. Knowing that other people had been through the same pain as what I was going through (and survived!) was enough for me to keep going. Friends and family were great with the positive reinforcement in it’ll be ok and that with time there will be a light at the end of the tunnel (I still wonder where that light will show up but I’m not going to find it sitting on my arse sulking into my empty wine glass)!

I was still temping in administration but instead of working full-time it was negotiated that I would work part-time as they didn’t want me to leave just yet. This was ok for me as it was an income but it was a role that I wasn’t excited about which made me want to spend the time working on strategy for Antz. This is when Undercover Employee came into fruition.

Working in this temp position gave me insight on internal issues within this company that was not getting noticed by the GM. There was a massive communication issue, minimal training on systems and procedures and it impacted every role throughout the office structure. This got me thinking, how many businesses are operating in a hidden chaos and don’t understand what’s really going on and how to deal with it. Watching the American series Undercover Boss, it seems even the biggest most structured businesses have trouble determining what makes their most successful and least profiteering stores tick until they have a look incognito of how they are operating and issues that have been reported to management but ignored. Do we do enough investigations within our own businesses to determine if they are healthy and your staff are happy to be a part of your business every day?

Having staff can be your biggest asset or your biggest liability! Do you have policies and procedures in place to make sure your employees are doing their role the way that you want them to do it?

So how many businesses offer this service for you to find your hidden pain points? I used this opportunity to add another platform to Antz Labour Hire. It’s not a service to point fingers at particular people and say you are a bad manager – it’s more of a address the issues as to why your team isn’t performing at their peak. Do you need to offer more training? Do you need to restructure the org chart? More importantly DO YOU HAVE TOO MANY CHIEFS AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS!!

With this service it also highlights your policies and procedures in the workplace that are lacking detail or not in place so Antz now has Labour Hire, HR Development and Undercover Employee. Phew… this is small business idea is getting bigger – but is a necessity to help other businesses cure their pain.

Are you ready to chat about how our undercover service can help your business??  I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to Rebecca Winterfield at Antz Labour Hire on 0417 679 650.

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