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Heavy Vehicle Accreditations – Are you audit ready?

Being an owner-operator of a truck used to be so simple – now there is all this paperwork! You nearly need a secretary to sit in the passenger seat of the prime mover to complete all the mandatory information required to keep your accreditation to continue operating.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulation (NHVR) requirements are very heavily policed and Western Australia has avoided being under their banner so far to date, but as soon as you cross the border they do come into effect.

But the WA Government under Main Roads does require you to be audited for Basic Fatigue Management, Mass Management, Maintenance Management, and Load Restrictions. This is where all the fiddly paperwork comes into action and if you are not organised it can be difficult to meet every requirement when you are audited.

With every new truck driver you recruit – are you going through all the policies and procedures in relation to your accreditation and signing them off as an authorised operator?

Are all your staff aware of the Chain of Responsibility? Your scheduler, your loader operator, your mechanic, and the PCBU are all liable for PERSONAL fines as well as company fines – even prison sentences if you cause death. Everyone is responsible for the safe operation of the heavy vehicle on roads throughout Australia.

Do you require a portfolio to be organised so you can constantly update your records so you have them on hand in the blink of an eye? Are the staff who maintain your accreditation records certified to be able to complete and self-audit your records to ensure you are consistently compliant?

Are your managers issuing Non-Conformance Reports to your staff if they are non-compliant with the regulations?

If you have any doubts or concerns about your Heavy Vehicle Accreditation please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Winterfield at Antz Labour Hire on 0417 679 650.

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