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Undercover Employee – Are your staff working for or against your business?

Do you know what is happening in your business workplace? When the boss is around everyone is busy, happy and getting along… but is it the same when your back is turned?

Employees have a habit of telling everyone else the negatives in their workplace but they don’t tell their managers what the issues are in case of reprimand. This causes people to leave their jobs or their work ethics are poor as they are not enjoying their role.

Back in the day, customers previously asked for the manager if they wanted to lodge a complaint about the service they have received. In today’s society customer habits are that they hit a business hard with poor reviews and ratings to tell the world how bad the service or product is/was. These reviews can not be removed or reversed and leave a footprint against your BUSINESS NAME, not your staff member who represents your brand, but you!

Does your business have a high turnover of staff? Does your business have a poor rate of repeat customers? If you answered yes, then you might have an internal problem.

Results gained from the installation of an undercover agent may be quite rapid, allowing your company to continue without internal losses. It also helps prevent recurrence by weeding out problems before they can be seen to be acceptable or encouraging more people to join.

If you have concerns and would like to conduct an internal audit on your workplace, please call Rebecca Winterfield at Antz Labour Hire on 0417 679 650.

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