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Part 5 – Who do you trust when starting your business?

Urgh… people in business – are they after your money or are they looking to help you grow in your business? A very hard decision especially when you have to put your money up front to find out what they can do for you.

One lesson I did learn really quickly – and sorry if I offend – but I found that in networking groups the business coaches of this world circle around like vultures looking for their next prey! They are after the fresh meat to influence and are very persistent to try and convince you that you need them to succeed in the big world of business.

One example I had is when I was at a networking event and it was to put a problem forward in the group to get another 6 people to give advice or comments on offering solutions to your question that required solving. I was asked to present an issue that I would like assistance with – which was great but I was given all of 30 minutes in a crowded room to come up with one of the things that I would like a solution too…. ONE! I had a million… to pick one in half an hour – my mind went into a hypertensive spin. What I should have done is said thanks but not at this time, but no I thought (big girl panties) this could really help you! I went with the subject of marketing – what is the best way that other business owners have found that works best for you when it comes to marketing – and where do you market?

Thirty years ago marketing your business came down to advertising in your local paper and word of mouth within your community – there was no internet so it was limited in your marketing campaign and people who had a jingle on the local radio or had a smart advertisement in the local rag won the attention and people called the numbers.

Back in my home town in rural South Australia the one thing that I remember significantly is Pizza Hut in Mt Gambier – radio and tv, they had a jingle, 259611 pizza hut delivery – now this was 30+ years ago (I’m now showing my age) and the song stuck in everyone’s head, no one had to look up the phone number in the yellow pages (not happy Jan!)  and if you wanted pizza, well Pizza Hut had to be the place as they have a good song. Even though this pizza joint shut down 10 years ago and being 40ish, I still remember their phone number!

Now… where do you advertise – what radio stations are people listening to, what socials are they spending the most time on – then you work out your ideal customer to try and narrow it down, then there is a research pattern to work out where they allocate their attention. I have been told on Facebook people scroll through their news feed to the length of the Statue of Liberty every day and you have approximately 2.8 seconds to get their attention in their newsfeed before they scroll down further. 2.8 seconds – so what is going to grab their attention and will they buy from you?? Take some time out here for a sip of wine… cos I am!!

Anyway, back to my problem-solving story…. Everyone on the table knew I was fresh in the business world and trying to form my place. I got beaten, stabbed in the heart, knife twisted and kicked in the guts with harsh “constructive” criticism and I walked away wounded to say the least. Needless to say I went home and stayed in bed for 2 days, the 3rd day I made it to the lounge with a bottle of wine (well there may have been a 2nd bottle involved) and tried to work out what.the.fuck! Have I made a massive fuck up by thinking I can pull this off? I spent the day scrolling looking for a wage earning job because my big girl panties obviously have holes in them!

This story gets better – but you will have to wait for Part 6!

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